Filicudi Island: An Ancient History

Why choose the island of Filicudi among all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago?

The streets of Filicudi tell of ancient history and speak of the traces of all the peoples who have passed from there, leaving traces of extreme beauty in nature and in a rugged and wild landscape.


Aeolian Islands Filicudi

The flora and fauna of the island of Filicudi are unspoiled as well as its wonderful beaches of Capo Graziano. You will lose the feeling of time by admiring enchanting sunsets and breathing in an almost mythological atmosphere. The smell of the sea and the smells of plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub will inebriate you. Filicudi is the ideal setting for your holidays in Sicily.

You will discover a completely different sea and the silence of this island that reminds us to be part of the nature that surrounds us. The cobalt-colored sea has a rich, fish-rich seabed, and the rock formations that rise from the sea like guardians to protect the island are impressive. Filicudi has a harsh and wild nature to be discovered by following the small mule tracks that climb the rocky landscape of Filicudi.

All this makes the island of Filicudi a wonderful place to spend your holidays.

What to see

As soon as you disembark in Filicudi you can immediately admire the wild charm of the island.


Pecorini is not the most fascinating area of ​​the island, but it is still the nerve center of economic activities. The beach is right next to the pier.

Pecorini, Filicudi Island

Monte Guardia

Monte Guardia can be reached along the driveway that connects all the towns from the port. It is one of the most exclusive areas of Filicudi from which suggestive landscapes can be observed.

Rocca di Ciauli

Rocca di Ciauli is located north of Monte Guardia. It is a small district in which the typical island houses lie along a steep slope, surrounded by Bougainville, Gelsomini, and Ibiscus.

Contrada Liscio

Contrada Liscio can be reached along the driveway, always heading north. It extends under the slopes of Monte Terrione. The panorama is wonderful and you can enjoy the view of the promontory of Capo Graziano and of all the other islands with the exception of Alicudi, covered by the Fossa delle Felci. At one time, this was the place inhabited by the wealthiest, as evidenced by the houses of the Prehistoric Macine Village.


Valdichiesa can be reached by continuing north. It takes the from the twentieth-century church of Santo Stefano present here. In this location, the houses that make up the town take on the typical characteristics of the Aeolian agricultural villages.

Monte Palmieri

Monte Palmieri can be reached from the small square of Valdichiesa, in about 40 minutes, along a small path. Due to the logistical difficulties that prevent the restructuring, the town is still intact, with the typical houses enriched by colonnades and large terraces.

Contrada Serro

Contrada Serro is located behind Valdichiesa, on the slopes of Fossa delle Felci. It is a small but characteristic agricultural settlement.


Excursions to Filicudi, Aeolian Islands


Ghost village of Zucco Grande

The ghost village of Zucco Grande can be reached by following a path for about 2km. It is an ancient prehistoric village now abandoned for almost a hundred years due to the strong migratory movement where nature has now taken over. At one time, this area was inhabited by about 300 people and was also a favorite area for the Greek peoples who settled here.

Vallone Fontanella

Vallone Fontanella can be reached starting from Zucco Grande and following a small path. The name Fontanella derives from the presence of a small source of water located inside a cave.

Case Ficcarisi

Case Ficcarisi can always be reached starting from the locality Zucco Grande, along a mule track. Here the vegetation is truly luxuriant vegetation, especially heather, rock rose, strawberry trees and wild roses.  

What to do

Snorkeling and Diving

There are numerous tourist proposals to visit the island of Filicudi: diving and snorkeling are very popular activities in Filicudi. The sea of ​​Filicudi is particularly beautiful and also the wildest, clearest, and most uncontaminated compared to that of all the other Aeolian Islands.


Filicudi is not only an island for sea lovers but also for those who love the mountains and long walks along the many paths of the island. The top of Filicudi is 774m high and has a different microclimate, cool even in August. Furthermore, the ancient paths and stone mule tracks that connect the various towns are an extraordinary experience.

The Beaches and the Sea of ​​Filicudi

In the island of Filicudi Beaches are rocky, with pebbles of various sizes, interspersed with large lava formations. The most beautiful beach of Filicudi is that of Capo Graziano, wide and sunny, which to the east turns into giant rocks and many small bays. Pecorini beach is also made of pebbles, although in Pecorini there are large portions of very fine black sand.

Boat trip

The circumnavigation of the island of Filicudi offers the most beautiful marine attractions of all. Rocks overlooking the sea, skiing, stacks, submerged rocks, wrecks, ancient finds, a jagged and fascinating coast that changes constantly. There are also caves, small beaches and many places where you can drop anchor and enjoy the crystal clear sea and relaxation. Among other things, you can visit the Canna, which is the main seaside attraction of Filicudi, and the Grotta del Bue Marino.

The Cuisine of Filicudi

The cuisine of Filicudi is made up of typical dishes of the Sicilian tradition prepared with simple ingredients. They are products from the gardens, full of the taste of this volcanic land and the fish of the very fishy sea of ​​Filicudi. Everything is enriched with ancient aromas and accompanied by an excellent wine from the Aeolian Islands.


Sunset in Filicudi, Aeolian Islands

How to get

The island of Filicudi is connected with Milazzo and the Catania airport.

The largest number of trips and excursions to the island of Filicudi from Sicily depart from the port of Milazzo. It is possible to reach Filicudi both with ferries from the Siremar company and with faster means of Liberty Lines. For a more active holiday, the Excursions to the island of Filicudi from Milazzo are not to be missed.

It is also possible to reach the Island of Filicudi from Taormina and Cefalù with daily excursions. Visit