From Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands

Why choose Milazzo for excursions to the Aeolian Islands?

Excursions from Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands but not only. Also a wonderful fortified citadel, an interesting old town, long beaches, a clear and enchanting sea and nature trails of exceptional beauty.


Milazzo Castle

Milazzo is mainly known as the port for the Aeolian Islands. In fact, hydrofoils, ferries, and private boats depart from here every day to the Aeolian archipelago. Yet Milazzo is not only the port for the Aeolian Islands but much more.

It is a place of great historical interest and owes a lot to tourism, especially during the summer season thanks to its wonderful coastal stretch which is one of the longest in Sicily.

Milazzo was a place of great strategic importance as evidenced by the ancient walls, the medieval quarters, and the fortified citadel.

In Milazzo, there is the cave of Polyphemus and also in Milazzo the Roman consul Caio Duilio defeated the Carthaginians at sea in the famous naval battle. Giuseppe Garibaldi also passed through Milazzo and it is here that Italy was made.

What to see

The Castle of Milazzo

The main attraction of Milazzo is the Castle and the Fortified Citadel. With its area of ​​over 7 hectares, this castle is one of the most impressive fortified complexes in Europe and is also one of the best preserved castles in Sicily. It stands at the highest point of a rocky spur with an extraordinary panoramic view over the whole territory. Thanks to its strategic position, Milazzo has been inhabited for 6,000 years, during which different dominations and populations have alternated. It is no coincidence that its use was mainly military, although during the Middle Ages the Castle was an integral part of the village, as evidenced by the presence of some churches and the ancient cathedral of the city.

The Ancient Cathedral

The Ancient Cathedral of Milazzo is located within the fortified city, where the old Mother Church of Santa Maria once stood. It was completed in 1700 based on the drawings of Michelangelo’s pupil, Camillo Camilliani.

Much more…

The Church of San Rocco, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Church of SS. Salvatore, the Church of Our Lady of SS. Rosary erected in the 16th century, seat of the Court of the Inquisition until 1782, the Church of San Giuseppe, the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola and the Sanctuary of Sant’Antonio da Padova with its unmistakable pink facade, which represents one of the corners most photographed of Milazzo and Sicily.

Panorama of Milazzo

What to do

Snorkling and Diving

There are numerous tourist proposals to visit Milazzo: diving and snorkeling are very popular activities in Milazzo, especially within the Marine Protected Area.


Capo Milazzo is one of the most evocative landscapes and naturalistic sites in Sicily. Starting from the small square of Sant’Antonio, after a brief visit to the rock church of Sant’Antonio, you can take the nature trail that leads to the extreme tip of the Cape, crossing a centuries-old olive grove with the Capo Milazzo lighthouse inside. The route is characterized by rich Mediterranean vegetation that leads to a staircase. This path leads to the enchanting natural pool of the Portella, commonly known as the “Pool of Venus”.

The Beaches and the Sea of ​​Milazzo

Tono bay is an enchanting place with a crystal clear sea. In the summer season, it is very popular and is located at the end of an uninterrupted stretch of beach, about twenty-five kilometers long, which goes from Capo Tindari to the ‘Ngonia of Milazzo. The Promontory of Capo Milazzo is a natural paradise full of suggestive coves and beaches with one of the most suggestive landscapes in all of Sicily.

How to get

Milazzo is very well connected with Catania airport.

Transfer dal Porto di Milazzo a Catania Aeroporto


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