Salina Island: Green Island.

Why choose the island of Salina among all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago?

The island of Salina is a small paradise immersed in the greenery of nature and surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a few kilometers from the Sicilian coast: according to CNN, the island of Salina is among the most beautiful in Italy.


Santa Marina Salina


The name of the island derives from a salt lake in the hamlet of Lingua, from which in the past salt was obtained. Salina, with its luxuriant nature due to the freshwater springs that have made this island the greenest of the archipelago, offers a beautiful view. Its hills slope gently towards the sea and allow you to admire all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago, two at a time.

Its rich vegetation is made up of lush olive trees and vineyards from which some of the Italian wine excellences are produced. The food and wine heritage of Salina is made up of excellent fish and the famous Salina capers. For all the uniqueness and quality of the island’s products, Salina is a Slow Food presidium. All this makes the island of Salina a perfect place to spend your holidays.

What to see

The island of Salina is famous for its scenic views and its characteristic villages, such as Santa Marina, Lingua, and Malfa.

Santa Marina Salina

Santa Marina Salina is the liveliest resort on the island with most of the clubs and nightlife. It is located on the slopes of Mount Fossa delle Felci, which takes its name from the lush forest of ferns that grows inside the crater. In this area, you can admire a beautiful eighteenth-century church dedicated to the patron saint of the island, Santa Marina.
Lingua is a hamlet south of Santa Marina, it is a small fishing village with beaches made up of pebbles and a crystalline sea.
Inside the lighthouse located at the end of the island, the Museum of Salt and Sea has been established. A few steps from the lake we find the Civic Museum and the Archaeological Museum of the island. The pond is a protected nature reserve famous for bird watching, especially during migration periods.


Panorama of Salina



Malfa is characterized by the white houses typical of the landscape of the Aeolian Islands. The village lies on a hilly terrace 90 meters above sea level. Due to its northern exposure, it is the coolest and greenest place on the island.
The Museum of the Emigration of the Aeolian population was built in Malfa.
On the main square, surrounded by shops and clubs, is the Church of Sant’Anna. The church of Sant’Anna, from the eighteenth century, houses several paintings and sculptures of great beauty.
In the hamlet of Pollara stands the Patronal Church of Sant’Onofrio which houses the statue of the Immaculate Conception of Sant’Onofrio.


Leni is located at about 200 meters above sea level. It is a small village immersed in the green of the Malvasia vineyards of which the island is rich.
In Rinella, a fraction of the municipality of Leni, there is the only sandy beach of Salina. Also in the municipality of Leni, in the hamlet of Val di Chiesa, between the two mountains of the island, is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito. Inside the church, you can admire an eighteenth-century painting depicting the Madonna as the protector of the Aeolian islands.


Excursion from Milazzo to Lipari and Salina (Mini-cruise)


What to do

Snorkeling and Diving

There are numerous tourist proposals to visit the island of Salina: diving and snorkeling are very popular activities in Salina. In fact, there are many points to discover. For scuba diving. In the sea of ​​the green Salina we could discover shoals and walls where the brightness of the waters and the colors of the Mediterranean make every dive unforgettable.


The Natural Reserve Le Montagne delle Felci e dei Porri occupies more than half of the territory and can be reached by following suggestive naturalistic itineraries suitable for those who want to enjoy an enchanting view of all the nearby islands.
You can reach the reserve through hiking trails immersed in nature. The walk takes about two hours and it is advisable to start from the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito in Val di Chiesa. That is the highest of the two mountains of Salina hosts in the cone a beautiful forest of ferns (the Fossa delle Felci).

The Beaches and the Sea of ​​Salina

Pollara beach
Pollara Beach is one of the most beautiful of all the Aeolian Islands. In Pollara were shot some scenes from the film Il Postino by Massimo Troisi. The beach can be reached by walking for about thirty minutes along a fairly challenging path that starts from the town of the same name, or by sea during a boat trip.

Scario Beach
Scario Beach is located on the northern coast of Salina and is one of the most visited beaches on the island. It is a beach of smooth stones and pebbles that form an authentic corner of paradise dominated by a steep cliff. The Scario beach can be reached in a few minutes along an easy path starting from the center of Malfa.

Santa Marina Salina Beach
The Beach of Santa Marina Salina is located near the port. These are large rounded stones that form a wide coastline with a splendid blue sea.

Rinella Beach
Rinella Beach in the municipality of Leni is located south of the island of Salina. It is one of the very few sandy beaches on the whole island. This destination is recommended for snorkeling enthusiasts for the seabed rich in life and colors. The beach is easily accessible from the center of the village of Rinella.


Excursion to Salina


Boat trip

The circumnavigation of the island of Salina includes swimming in the sea and snorkeling in the most enchanting coves that are hardly described in the usual tourist itineraries.
You can admire the splendid always clear and crystalline waters and the fantastic green cliffs. We will visit the most beautiful places on the island, from Pollara to Rinella, from Malfa to Santa Marina di Salina and Lingua.

Tour by land

The island of Salina is relatively large with tens of kilometers of roads. For this reason, to admire its natural beauty it is recommended to rent a car or a scooter.

The Cuisine of Salina

Malvasia is produced with grapes harvested in the first fortnight of September and the bunches are displayed on terraces so that withering through the sun helps to reach the right sugar content.
Salina is also famous for another product: the Salina capers, a Slow Food presidium.


Salina Island Caper flower



The historic center of Santa Marina di Salina is full of small shops where you can go shopping and it is also the main center for nightlife, thanks to its renowned clubs where you can have fun until late.

How to get

The Island of Salina is very well connected with Milazzo and the Catania airport.

The largest number of trips and excursions to the island of Salina from Sicily depart from the port of Milazzo. It is possible to reach Salina both with ferries from the Siremar and NGI company and with faster means of Liberty Lines. For a more active holiday, unmissable Excursions to the island of Salina from Milazzo.

It is also possible to reach the island of Salina from Taormina and Cefalù with daily excursions. Visit