Excursion from Tropea to Lipari Panarea and Stromboli by night


Tour Itinerary

Departure from the Port of Tropea
Departure from the Port of Tropea

Departure from the Port of Tropea at 10.00 and subsequent departure for the tour (for those who embark in Vibo Marina, embarkation is scheduled at 8.30). Boarding 30 minutes before departure.
During navigation you can admire the suggestive Calabrian coast of Tropea from the sea.

Visit of the island of Lipari
Visit of the island of Lipari

Arrival in Lipari at around 12:15. Once you reach the island of Lipari, there will be a stop of about 2 and a half hours. During the stop it is possible to visit the historic center of Lipari, the archaeological park and go shopping in the many characteristic shops in the center of Lipari.
Departure from Lipari at approximately 2.45 pm.

Visit of the island of Panarea
Visit of the island of Panarea

Arrival in Panarea at approximately 15:30. Visit from the sea to Calajunco Bay and the Zimmari beach. Stop for about an hour and a half at the port of S. Pietro. On foot, in about 45 minutes or with the typical Panaroti electric taxis, it will be possible to reach the small prehistoric village of Capo Milazzese which dates back to 1400 BC. The village dominates the Bay of Cala Junco and with a small road it is possible to reach the enchanting place for an unforgettable swim in the crystalline sea of Panarea. Along the road to the Capo Milazzese village is Cala Zimmari, the only white beach of the Aeolian Islands.
For those who don't want to walk that long, the little church of San Pietro is about 10 minutes away, a point from which you can admire a breathtaking panorama.
Departure from Panarea at 17:00.

Visit of the island of Stromboli
Visit of the island of Stromboli

Arrival in Stromboli, port of Scari at approximately 17:30. Stop of about 2 hours and 30 minutes to visit the village of San Vincenzo, swim in the clear sea of Stromboli and spend unforgettable moments on the volcano.
Departure from Stromboli at about 20:00 for the Sciara del Fuoco.
Circumnavigation of Stromboli to admire the Sciara del Fuoco.

Return to Tropea
Return to Tropea

Return to Tropea where it is expected to arrive at approximately 11.00 pm. Continuation to Vibo Marina with arrival at approximately 11.45 pm.
The order of the calls could be subject to variations by decision of the Captain.

Tour Highlights

  • Aeolian Archaeological Museum of Lipari
  • Cathedral of St Bartholomew in Lipari
  • Church of St. Joseph in Lipari
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Lipari
  • Thermal baths of San Calogero in Lipari
  • Lipari Castle
  • Belvedere Quattrocchi and other panoramic points of Lipari
  • Faraglioni of Lipari
  • Canneto at Lipari beach
  • Pumice quarries of Lipari
  • Prehistoric village of Capo Milazzese in Panarea
  • Cala Junco of Panarea
  • Cala Zimmari of Panarea
  • Basiluzzo Island of Panarea
  • Church of San Pietro of Panarea
  • Village of Ginostra of Stromboli
  • San Vincenzo village of Stromboli
  • Ficogrande beach of Stromboli
  • Punta Lena beach of Stromboli
  • Church of St. Bartholomew of Stromboli
  • House of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini of Stromboli
  • Church of St. Vincent of Stromboli
  • Scari Beach of Stromboli
  • Strombolicchio from Stromboli
  • Sciara del Fuoco of Stromboli
  • Night eruptions of the Stromboli volcano


Full day (7+ hours)

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