Island of Stromboli: Land of God.


Why choose the island of Stromboli among all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago?


There are no real roads on the island of Stromboli. The island is one of the wildest, but its charm is mainly due to the presence of the volcano that makes you feel with continuous explosions and launches of lapilli.


Volcano explosions by day - in Stromboli, Aeolian Islands

For millennia, the volcano has been like a beacon for sailors who approach the island. Stromboli is visible with its flame at regular intervals of 15/20 minutes and inspires fearful respect. It is a unique volcano in the world for its three mouths in perennial explosive activity; among the highest in Europe with its 2400 meters, almost a thousand of which emerge from the sea forming an almost perfect cone.

The island of Stromboli emerges from the sea: the emerged part has been in continuous activity for at least 2000 years. The lava flows are channeled into a large steep basin towards the sea, called Sciara di Fuoco. Stromboli is the only volcano in Europe and one of the few in the world in permanent eruptive activity. Stromboli is a unique place with primeval beauty, an absolutely extraordinary island for a vacation.


What to see


The Village of San Vincenzo

As soon as you disembark at the Punta Scari landing, you will immediately notice the charm of this unique island in the world. The volcano dominates the entire landscape along which the white Aeolian houses have been built. The fertile soil of the island is ideal for the green of the palms, olive trees, and citrus fruits and the colors of prickly pears, caper plants, and colorful geraniums and bougainvillea. Leaving the port, along the road leading to the town, you will find typical shops and restaurants where you can dine with a wonderful view. Piazza San Vincenzo offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the Port and Scari Beach with Strombolicchio, the oldest volcano in the Aeolian Islands. Today of Strombolicchio only the neck remains, the eruptive duct saturated by solidified lava. From this square begins a horizontal climb that leads to the top of Stromboli.


The village of Ginostra

Ginostra is a village where time has stopped. It is a charming village on the island of Stromboli, a real paradise. Ginostra is an incredible place, surrounded by a crystalline sea with wonderful backdrops.



“Iddu” is the volcano of Stromboli: immediately upon disembarking, its presence is perceived and for the entire duration of the stay on the island there is no way to escape the thought of its disturbing grandeur. The islanders’ relationship with the volcano is one of love and respect since they recognize its absolute authority.


Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman’s house

1948 was the year of Roberto Rossellini’s “Stromboli, Land of God”. That house was the love nest of Ingrid Bergman, the protagonist of the film, and the director Roberto Rossellini.


What to do


Climb to the Craters

The climb to the craters of Stromboli begins in the late afternoon and the return takes place when it is already night. It takes about three hours of walking to reach the top of the volcano. However, for some years, after the strong eruption of 2017 with the consequent anomalous wave, the climb can only take place up to a certain point considered less risky. The excursion to the craters of Stromboli remains however a unique and fascinating experience that allows you to admire an incomparable natural spectacle.

Eruption of the Stromboli volcano


Snorkling and Diving

There are numerous tourist proposals to visit the island of Stromboli. Diving and snorkeling are very popular activities in Stromboli where it is possible to swim in a pristine sea with crystal clear waters.


The Beaches and the Sea of ​​Stromboli

Close to the landing, there is the large Beach of Scari made up of lava pebbles and separated into two parts by the pier. The beach offers a unique view of the Stombolicchio. Despite the proximity to the port, the waters are clear and crystalline.

North of Scari is the large Beach of Ficogrande, the only one equipped with refreshment points, umbrellas, deck chairs, and a beach volleyball court. Opposite the Strombolicchio is so close that it almost seems to be able to swim. The black sand beach is bathed by an intensely blue sea.

Punta Lena Beach, next to Ficgrande beach, offers a cobalt blue sea.

Continuing north, along a small road at the end of Ficogrande, the countless alleys lead always and only to the sea. The long Beach of Piscità is very popular and, at the end, in the rocky part, there is a place for lovers of full tanning.

About 15 minutes walk from the village of Ginostra is the beautiful Lazzaro Beach. An underwater arch makes it one of the most evocative attractions of the Aeolian archipelago for all diving enthusiasts.

Ginostra’s natural swimming pools

The Stromboli’s natural swimming pools are located in the small village of Ginostra. Exclusively accessible by sea, the rocks surrounding the pier area form natural pools with a sea that varies in color from emerald green to indigo.



The beach of the island of Stromboli, Aeolian Islands


Boat trip

The circumnavigation of the island of Stromboli on a small boat to discover the wonders of the jagged coast, full of views, and to visit the inhabited areas of Stromboli and Ginostra. The culmination of this experience is the Sciara del Fuoco, where the boulders of the eruptive activity roll down the slope and then crash into the sea, raising huge splashes of water.



The nightlife in Stromboli is made up of restaurants with excellent typically Aeolian specialties and a series of places where you can listen to good music with friends between a cocktail and a beer between an explosion and the other of the volcano that makes you feel the his presence.


How to get

The island of Stromboli is very well connected with Milazzo and the Catania airport.

The largest number of trips and excursions to the island of Stromboli from Sicily depart from the port of Milazzo. It is possible to reach Stromboli with the fast means of Liberty Lines. For a more active holiday, unmissable excursions to the island of Stromboli directly from the port of Milazzo.

It is also possible to reach the island of Stromboli from Taormina and Cefalù with daily excursions. Visit