Vulcano Island

The island of Vulcano is the ancient Hierà, sacred. It is an island with interesting volcanic phenomena. The Vulcano della Fossa during the eruption of 1739 made an obsidian flow, visible on the northwestern side of the Fossa.

The last violent eruption of the last century, from August 1888 to March 1890, was characterized by the explosion of the plug that blocked the conduit and the launch of incandescent material. Since then, the volcano hasn’t erupted anymore.

In the Porto Levante area, there are “volcanic muds” exploited above all in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and “underwater fumaroles” which make the water particularly hot. The Porto area is the center of the island of Vulcano. From there you can walk to the Vulcanello Peninsula and the “Valle dei Mostri”.

The most famous beach is that of the Black Sands, which is also the only large sandy beach of the Aeolian Islands.

For hikers, the path to the Crater Fossa of the island of Vulcano is a must-see route. Starting from the port, it takes about 45 minutes to reach the summit of the volcano. From the top of the cone it is possible to admire the fumarole field on the west side of the Gran Cratere and, if you can bear the smell and have no respiratory problems, you can go to one of the few points on the surface of the earth where you can see the drops of molten sulfur. Visit also GOeolie Blog.